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Surprise, Alignment Sticks Are Actually Useful

Alignment sticks are often an after thought in people’s bag.

Some people like them because only good golfers use them, so it makes them look better.

But that ridiculous pole sticking out of your bag, can be put to very good use.

Here are a few things to use it for, instead of it collecting dust in your bag.

  1. Aim:

When you are at the driving range, these come into use for a lot of different drills. One of my favorite uses for an alignment stick is to practice my aim. When I get to the range I will lock in on my target and aim the alignment stick right at it. Not only will this help you with alignment, it will help you see how far left or right you are hitting the ball.

  1. Belt loop:

Stick that pole into your belt loop. You may look like a nut job but it really does help. This is a great drill to visually see what your hips are doing and how much more or less you need to use them. If you bring your hips through poorly, this is a great drill for you to do and emphasize the hip finish position.

  1. Field goal chipping:

Having trouble with that hard 5-10-yard chip shot? Here is your help. Set up two alignment stick in the ground about a foot apart. Put your intended target smack in the middle of the stick so when you fly the ball you have a small window to get it through. This will help you tighten up your chip shots.

Alignment sticks are more than an accessory. They can be so handy to work out little kinks in your game.

These drills are just a few of the very effective drills with these.

There is a million online that could help with any of your issues.