Sunday May 19, 2019.  Another beautiful day at Cranberry Valley!. The golf course is OPEN and golf carts are available, The range is open on the grass tee today. The Hot Stove is open for the season!    To book advanced Tee Times, call 508-430-5234.
Put that Putting Matt To Use

A putting matt isn’t something that should collect dust.

Yeah, I’m talking about that thing that you have put out at the past couple yard sales but no one will buy it.

That thing is actually good for your game, try using it.

Putting mats may seem a little fake because it isn’t grass obviously.

Secondly, it has no breaks for the most part so it is just a straight putt every time, but it can help, trust me.

Last winter, I was at college and there isn’t much to do. Play video games, procrastinate homework or binge watch Netflix.

I took it upon myself to perfect (as best as I could) my putting stroke.

Yeah, it is a straight putt but you can take a lot from a putting matt.

  1. Stroke: Your putting stroke should be the same thing every time. This is good practice in the off season or even your off time to practice it.
  2. Pace: Yeah, it isn’t a bent grass green. It isn’t a rolled green. But the speed is going to be consistent. Most mats are pretty long so you can place the ball at a bunch of different distances and practice pace. It is a great way to get a feel for a 5-foot knee knocker, or a tester from the end of the mat.
  3. Fun: Give your kids a chance, play with buddies, make practice fun. Practice doesn’t have to be something you grimace at the thought of.

You are going to three putt for a long time without practice.

You can’t expect to get better at something, without practicing.

So knock that dust off the box, pull that thing out and roll some putts before bed.

Oh and don’t forget your putter. I did that once, tough round the next day.