Tuesday June 25, 2019. Beautiful day at Cranberry Valley! The golf course is open and riding carts are available.  Range is open on Grass.  The Hot Stove opens daily at 6:00 am!   To book advanced Tee Times, call 508-430-5234.
Let’s Get Prepared to Beat the Heat on the Course

Now that Memorial Day weekend has past, we are officially moving into the summer months. With that comes brighter, much hotter days, and ultimately, more time for you, your family and your friends to spend enjoying the outdoors! Golfing in the summer months is extremely popular, as golfers love to enjoy their favorite pastime in the beautiful weather. However, some days can get hotter than others, and in order to be successful during your game as well as keep your body healthy, you must be prepared. If you are planning on heading to the course on a hot summer day, keep the following tips in mind to ensure that you will be comfortable throughout the game and day:

  • HYDRATE. This tip cannot be said enough – keep hydrating! Be sure to have a lot of water in you before you leave for the course and have something in your stomach as well. If you are leaving in the morning and are not too hungry, pack a protein bar and some snacks to have on hand for when you start to get an appetite. And, be sure to pack a lot of extra water so you can hydrate in between rounds.
  • APPLY SUNSCREEN. Apply sunscreen at least 15-minutes before you begin the game, and pack sunscreen so you can reapply it throughout the day. It is vital that you continuously reapply sunscreen to avoid any sunburns that will end up hurting later!
  • PACK YOUR BAG. As mentioned, it is important that you pack your bag with all the necessities. This includes waters and drinks, heathy snacks to keep your energy up and your stomach full, sunscreen as well as any other items that you tend to need daily or throughout your game.
  • THINK ABOUT YOUR APPAREL. Think about what you are wearing – many do not realize that the fabric and material of their golf apparel can greatly affect how hot they are on the course. Check out apparel that has UV protectants and is known for keeping you cool as possible.