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Three Drills To Help You Avoid Three Putting

Never Three-Putt Again

Three putts after hitting a green in regulation are one of the most frustrating things in the world.

You have a nice look at birdie, and you turn that circle on the scorecard to a square.

Never good.

Here are three drills to help avoid three putting.

  1. “Ring” drill: next time you practice putting, take four tees, and place them a couple feet from the hole creating four points. Drop balls on the practice green anywhere from 15 to 40 feet. The goal of this drill is to not make the first putt, but to putt the ball inside the ring you just made so your second putt is virtually a gimme. People mess up a lot trying to sink the first one from a mile away and they either hit it way to hard or get the very wrong read, making your second putt a tester. Resulting in the pesky old three putt.

    Ring Drill

  2. Gate drill: place two tees into the ground that are about the width of your putter. Practice putting balls with your club going through that gate. This will make you keep your stroke steady so you don’t hit the tees. This will then result in you hitting the ball on the center of the face more consistently, bettering your distance control.

    Gate Drill

  3. Right hand: when practicing putts, try this one for a bucket or two. Line up the putt and at address take your left hand off the putter. This will make you keep the putter as steady as possible with just one hand so that when you are actually playing, your left hand will be there to support it making it a lot steadier. Steady putting stroke is very important because it effects speed and read. Speed can differ if you hit the ball a little off the center of the face, because the putter is designed to go the furthest when its hit on the sweet spot. If you’re putting with a blade, they are a lot less forgiving so being shaky and hitting the ball maybe a little to the right of the center of the face will make the ball go a little right, ruining your read.Putting

Practice theses drills and you will be putting like Jordan Speith in no time.