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Importance of Rest and Recovery

When working on your physical health, you may get into a routine where you find yourself constantly working out, whether that is through cardiovascular activities, strength training, or just some extra practice on the course. What many fail to realize is that working your body that hard with little to no rest can cause more harm than good. Too much exercise can cause an extreme amount of fatigue for your body, and ultimately cause injury. In order to ensure that your body is strong and healthy, you must incorporate rest and recovery into your daily schedule. Rest and recovery can include eating the proper nutrients, hydrating, incorporating exercise and focusing on your mental health.

Eating the proper nutrients is vital to your overall health. It is important to get the correct nutrients into a balanced diet so that you have the right amount of energy each day. Fuel your body with healthy meals before you get on the course, and pack healthy snacks to keep your metabolism moving throughout the game. Foods such as lean proteins and veggies are great options, and carbohydrates are best used during or after rounds.

Hydration is important to replace fluid that is lost during a game of golf. Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate some more! Make sure that you always have a water with you so that you can continue drinking throughout the day – especially during your game. Drinking water is not only great for your health, but it is great for your skin as well!

Incorporate exercise into your daily routine but be careful to not over-do it. Listen to your body, and if you are extra sore and unable to perform certain exercises, try to modify. Do not forget to stretch before and after work outs, use hot and cold packs on sore muscles, and even treat yourself to a massage every so often!

Mental health is vital to your overall health. Do not focus on the bad shots throughout your game and try your best to think positive thoughts and remind yourself of all of your success as you continue to develop your game.