Monday, July 15, 2019.  Another beautiful day at Cranberry Valley.  THE GOLF COURSE IS OPEN.  THE RANGE IS OPEN ON GRASS.  The Hot Stove opens daily at 6:00 am!   To book advanced Tee Times, call 508-430-5234.
Golf Injuries

Importance of Rest and Recovery

When working on your physical health, you may get into a routine where you find yourself constantly working out, whether that is through cardiovascular activities, strength training, or just some extra practice on the course. What many fail to realize is that working your body that hard with little to no rest can cause more harm than good. Too much exercise can cause an extreme amount of fatigue for your body, and ultimately cause injury. In order to ensure that your body is strong and healthy, you must incorporate rest and recovery into your daily schedule. Rest and recovery can…

Golf Injuries

Avoiding Common Injuries on the Course

Golf injuries are often minor, but sometimes they can be really painful and hard to cope with. It will consequently affect your golf game and swing. Usually, they involve strained muscles, swelled tendons, or torn cartilage, not broken bones. Sometimes, they keep you from playing for a day or two. Other times, they keep you from playing for several weeks. Weekend golfers tend injure themselves because they’re either out of shape or fail to warm up properly. They also injure themselves because of bad mechanics, which often result from trying to do more than you can do or copying the…