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Golf Pong Boards are a Golfers Dream Come True

Golf Pong, anyone?

Beer pong, corn hole, washers and horseshoes have long been staples of backyard and cookout games, but sometimes, you just need a golf club in your hand.

Chipping at a cookout can make you look pretty crazy. Although you may improve your short game, the divots in the lawn and you playing alone may piss some people off.

Now you can improve that short game, get a buzz on and have fun all at once.

Recently a startup company on launched a new cookout game fit for all golf fanatics.

They launched Beer Pong Boards for your next cookout.

They are boards much like corn hole, but instead of one big hole it has 10 holes the perfect size to put solo cups in.

When you buy the boards they also come with little turf mats to chip off of like the mats at a driving range.

You place the boards 12 feet away and chip away.

To make it fun you can put money in the cups and play a money game or just keep enjoying your cheap light beer while you play.

You can even customize the boards with your favorite team’s logo and other things to make them your own.

The boards are for sale as of right now but because they were launched on you buy them now and they will ship in mid October once production is finished.

These boards have been featured on Yahoo, Golf Digest, The Chive, Esquire and AOL.

The two board, two mat package has 461 backers.

If you don’t get on this now, you may be kicking yourself for it.

If you want to be the most popular guy at the next tailgate, buy these boards.

Improve your short game, get your drink on and win some golf pong games.