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Four of the Biggest One Hit Wonders in Golf History

One-Hit-Wonders Golf Edition

In many sports you have one hit wonders.

Maybe a baseball pitcher that pitched lights out for one year, then fell off.

A quarterback who made the pro bowl then found himself in the CFL.

Golf has those, too.

Most recently we saw Danny Willett win the Masters as he edged out Jordan Spieth.

However, since then, he hasn’t done much and has been on the “down-low.”

But that isn’t a first.

Here are some of golfs biggest one hit wonders.

  1. Mark Brooks

One Hit Wonders

  • Brooks has Valhalla to thank for his little PGA Tour success. His one season on the tour, he had one win at the PGA Championship. A lot of firsts for him that week.
  1. Steve Jones

  • U.S. Open legend, Jones is one of the only people in the history of that tournament to win it as a sectional qualifier.
  1. Shaun Michael

    One Hit Wonders

  • (Not the WWE wrestler) Is one of the greatest one and dones of all time. Michael left his second shot on par 4 18 at Oak Hill a little off and had a shot out of the rough to get up and down for par and the win. The greatest seven iron shot of all time landed fractions of a second from the hole and set him up with a perfect par to win.
  1. Todd Hamilton

    One Hit Wonders

  • The rookie of the year, the former Japanese Golf Tour player had many things to put on his mantle from his time in Japan. But when it came to the PGA Tour it was short lived. He won the Honda Classic and The Open in the same year and doesn’t have a win since.

It is tough to consistently win on the PGA Tour.

Sometimes that first win can propel you to more victories on the PGA Tour, other times it does not.