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The Golfers Trunk

5 Things You Should Store In Your Car

Most golfers leave their clubs in their car trunk.

(If you don’t, start to do it, groceries can fit in the back seat and the garage space is too valuable.)

Here is an ultimate guide to what your trunk should look like, if you’re a golfer.

  1. Clubs

  • This is a no brainer. But your sticks should ALWAYS be in your trunk. Who knows when someone’s going to call for a quick 9, or maybe you get the urge to head to the driving range after work one day.


  1. Push Cart

  • One of the greatest inventions in the world. Cheaper than a cart every round and easier on the knees than lugging your bag around for a few hours. You still get the health benefits of walking, just without the added weight from your bag. Also all the compartments and holders on the cart allow you to bring everything you need.


  1. Balls

  •  Instead of having four dozen golf balls in your bag, “find” a large bucket from a driving range, or buy a small trash can. Bungee cord it to the inside of your trunk and boom, you got ball storage. If you suck like me, you will grab 10-12 before you head out each round. But then if you get lucky enough to not lose them all during your round you can just toss them back in the bucket.


  1. Shoes

  • This may stink up your trunk, but it’s worth having them. Everyone has gotten to the golf course before, opened their trunk and uttered that four letter F word when they realize they forgot their shoes in the garage. Avoid that and leave them in your trunk.

  1. Miscellaneous

  • Extra gloves, a 500 pack of tees, extra rangefinder batteries, a few old head covers and an alignment stick. Instead of storing this all in your bag, find a container and put it in your car. Not only will you make your golf bag A LOT lighter, you will always have it right there when you go to take your clubs out.


Have the ideal golf trunk by following these simple steps. You will never forget something again and you will always be ready to golf.