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A Sharpie May Fix Your Putting Problems

Have Trouble Putting?

If you answered yes, your putting woes are on their way out.

If you ever watch the PGA Tour you probably see their balls have lines on them or even dots. This isn’t to make out whose ball is whose.

It is for when they reach the green.

They mark the ball so they have a reference point when they read their putts, another reason pros always mark their ball even if it is a bunny.

When you mark your ball with a line or a dot you do this when putting. You first mark your ball and pick it up. Then get the read on your putt. Which way is it going to break, all the things you would normally do when getting ready to hit a putt.


Mark your golf ball with a line

The next step after reading your putt is putting your ball back down where you marked it.

Just make sure you don’t pull a Lexi Thompson, you may face a penalty. Now as you put your ball down, remember your read and point the line or the ball in the direction you need to hit it for it to break towards the hole.

How Does This Help?

Most putters have a small alignment line on the top of them. This isn’t for looks. This is a tool you can use. You line that up with the line or dot on your ball and you will hit the ball in the center of your club face and right where you wanted it.

If you don’t make the putt it is probably because you had the wrong read or you hit it too hard.

But marking your ball is a good reference point to start to teach yourself to read every putt and trust your read.