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Callaway, Titleist or Taylormade?

When you look at any major industry in America, there is the big names that everyone knows and loves.

In golf, you have the big three: Titlest, Taylormade and Callaway.

Much like any other industry, there are other guys under them always vying for the top spot, but can’t quite get there.

When it comes to golf, who really is the best?

You have to look at each brands best and worst characteristics to break down who really is the best.

First let’s look at Titleist.

They boast the #1 ball in golf that most players on the PGA Tour swear by. But recently Callaway’s Chrome Soft balls and Taylormade’s TP5 balls have made the popularity of the ProV go down a slight bit.

You then look at the rest of the Titleist umbrella and the thing that jumps out the page, most companies don’t have is FootJoy.

These golf shoes are the staple of the industry and are what all the old timers and new comers swear by.

So the strong part for Titleist would probably be their balls and the strong brand they have behind FootJoy.

Next well look at Taylormade.

Their huge saving grace over the past few years seems to be the M series.

The drivers are one of the most popular in the world right now.

Other than the M series, you have to look at their new TP5 balls that are quickly catching popularity at every level of golf.

Lastly, the Spider putter has quickly become one of the most popular flat sticks in the game.

With all these recent upward trends, Taylormade seems to be in a good place.

Last, but certainly not least is Callaway.

The next Epic series has been a massive success and the driver is one of the sickest drivers we have seen in years. The lime green and black makes it a sexy club while the jailbreak technology makes it one of the best drivers we have seen.

Their balls are on the up too, with Chrome Soft and their fun Truvis golf balls are a hit for all ages.

One of the smartest things they have done recently is purchase the widely successful Travis Mathew clothing brand.

This is a huge apparel move for them and may have propelled them over the other two big three brands.

At the end of the day, you are going to buy the brand you like the most. No matter who is actually better.

If I had to pick one company to be a “staffer” for, I think I would go with Callaway. The Epic, Odyssey putters and Travis Mathew clothes? Sign me up.