Sunday May 19, 2019.  Another beautiful day at Cranberry Valley!. The golf course is OPEN and golf carts are available, The range is open on the grass tee today. The Hot Stove is open for the season!    To book advanced Tee Times, call 508-430-5234.
Short Game

Tips Before You Start The Golf Season

If you’re an avid golfer like I am, it’s an exciting time of year because it’s officially golf season! Now is the time to prep before you head out to the course. Here are a few tips to get ready for the season: Short Game Start by working on your short game. Go to the range as often as you can to get your groove back. I like to start playing 9 hole courses at the beginning of the season because it’s a great way to practice your irons. Most courses offer a putting green somewhere near the range, so…