Sunday May 19, 2019.  Another beautiful day at Cranberry Valley!. The golf course is OPEN and golf carts are available, The range is open on the grass tee today. The Hot Stove is open for the season!    To book advanced Tee Times, call 508-430-5234.
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Non Members can make an advanced tee time at any time by calling the Pro Shop at 508-430-5234.

Golf Course Opening Hours and Dates

*8:00 AM April 1 – April 14
*7:30 AM April 15 – April 30
*7:00 AM May 1 – May 23
*6:00 AM May 24 – August 18
*6:30 AM August 19 – September 2
*7:00 AM September 3 – September 30
*8:00 AM October 1 – November 30
*9:00 AM December 1 – Winter

In general, the Tee Sheet will be set-up in this format:

When opening at 7:00 AM
7-9 members
9-11 non members
11-12 members
12-1 non members
After 1:00 alternating tee times

When opening at 6:00 AM
6-8:30 members
8:30-11 non members
11-12 members
12-1 non members
after 1:00 alternating tee times

Back 9 Play

Back nine play will be the first hour of play each day.  In the Summer season this would be 6:00AM – 7:04AM.

Non members are welcome to play the early back 9 (first hour of play only) except for June, July & August.

Pace of Play

As the weather warms, the golf course becomes extremely busy. For your enjoyment as well as that of others, please play ready golf and select the appropriate tee box.  A round of golf at Cranberry Valley should be completed in 4 hours and 15 minutes.